Do you need to connect external systems to your QAD ERP System?  We create Web Services to read and updated any QAD system.  A Web Service is typically an application programming interface (API) that is accessed via hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) and executed on a remote system hosting the requested service. It allows us to process QAD standard/custom transactions and return reports or inquiries from a web interface that is Internet- or Intranet-based. We can create any QAD transaction(s) and with it comes an amazing UX which is also mobilized which can either be Hosted or On-Premise solutions.  Examples below:

  • Cycle-count
  • Issues unplanned
  • Receipts unplanned
  • PO order receipts
  • Purchase order creation
  • Inventory availability
  • Sales order pricing
  • Shipment status

Note: Other standard or custom QAD transactions can be developed to meet business requirements.

Web Services Development

As the business world becomes more Internet-based, the quality and responsiveness of web applications are necessary to help an enterprise maintain or increase market share. Since application development is constantly changing and evolving, businesses need tools to more easily manage the creation, deployment, and integration of new applications. For assistance, Progress OpenEdge provides superior tools for web services development.

New Software: Broom Street introduces “Label Printing.” | New Software: Broom Street introduces “Supplier Portal” Our Supplier Portal manages and monitors QAD Purchase Orders. | New Software: Broom Street introduces “E-Commerce Shopping Cart” a full featured shopping cart solution that is an online store with your company brand which is fully integrated with your QAD ERP system. | New Software: Broom Street introduces “Warranty Registration” a Cloud hosted or On-Premise solution for registering serialized units. | Broom Street Software, Inc., a QAD partner for 3 years, received the Solution Partner of the Year award.
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