What are the benefits of The Broom Street Supplier Portal System?

1. Real-time QAD Data Integration

Broom Street Supplier Portal provides both Supplier/Vendor and Buyer/Merchant with a single, shared view of data that is directly integrated with QAD. Before supplier portals existed, the buyer and the supplier each viewed data in their business applications which were in most cases out of sync. Real-time integration with the QAD system is a key here for accuracy, speed, and the elimination of errors allowing you to manage your data in just one system. Any changes made by you or the supplier are automatically reflected in the other system. This saves you unnecessarily updating 2 systems all of the time which adds clarity, integrity, and transparency to the process.

 2. Reduce Manual Admin Tasks

The portal is to not only reduce time-consuming manual tasks but to provide copies of documents, invoices, statements, reminders, data updates, etc.

The supplier portal automates many aspects of supplier management, drastically reducing your administrators’ workload and saving you lots of time and effort.

3. Supplier Account Management

The Portal allows suppliers to sign in to their online account and make inquiries that would normally need to have been made via phone or email. For example, they will be able to log in and view their account information, a history of open and closed purchase orders, invoices, delivery dates plus information that helps them to self-serve. They will have a single access point within the supplier portal to update their account information, and on the other end, you will be able to view those updates directly in the QAD.

4. Automated Notification & Reminders

Notifications and reminders are issued to suppliers at different stages of the process. These are normally sent by email to notify/remind suppliers about actions that need to be taken throughout the procurement process. This way, there’s no need for you or your suppliers to notify and remind each other to proceed with the next actions every time there’s a delay. The portal automatically does this for you so neither has to keep on following up until the process is complete.

5. Action log

For traceability, the Broom Street supplier portal allows you to track events on raised POs which adds an extra layer of tracking to check the supplier’s progress in fulfilling the PO.

An admin should be able to select from a list of POs and view audit events over time for a given PO. Each event has tracked the action that was taken, the time, and the IP address of the user carrying out the event.

This way, you know who and what action has been taken during every step of the procurement process. So, in the event of a misunderstanding or a mistake, you will be able to view an auditor change history if needed, and you can rectify it before it escalates.

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