What does the Broom Street Supplier Portal do?

  • The Broom Street Supplier Portal does many things that can benefit your company in many different ways.
  • Our Supplier Portal removes the manual effort required during the procurement process by automating most of the tasks that would’ve normally been completed manually by both the company and the supplier.
  • As such, it provides suppliers with a system that makes their job easier while providing the updates that a company needs without all the manual hard work that is usually required.
  • Let’s delve into more details with an example so you can better understand how powerful and helpful such a system can be for a business.
  • The way the process is set up today you raise purchase orders (POs) within the QAD system, which manually emails PDF copies of these to your suppliers. Depending on various factors such as the “size” of the supplier and their attentiveness level, the process from raising a PO to products being received may require a lot of manual work, thus introducing a great deal of room for human error, let alone unnecessarily depleting your labor budget.
  • Typically, a PO is emailed to a supplier who neglects to respond for a certain amount of time. So, to meet the expectations of your customers, you require an expected delivery date of products.
  • To no surprise, you need to chase for such information which in return results in more manual work, and more effort to update the information back into the QAD system, if you are lucky enough to not need to follow up more than once for the same request. In other words, you can raise POs efficiently and conveniently for the supplier to receive access, and the process is key to success and a prerequisite for a supplier portal solution. In addition, real-time integration with the QAD system is of utmost importance and a key requirement for accuracy, speed, and error elimination.
  • Supplier Portal processes include a Supplier management system that keeps all Purchase Orders raised within the QAD with no external tools required for the merchant to use while allowing the supplier to conveniently access and manage quotations.
New Software: Broom Street introduces “Label Printing.” | New Software: Broom Street introduces “Supplier Portal” Our Supplier Portal manages and monitors QAD Purchase Orders. | New Software: Broom Street introduces “E-Commerce Shopping Cart” a full featured shopping cart solution that is an online store with your company brand which is fully integrated with your QAD ERP system. | New Software: Broom Street introduces “Warranty Registration” a Cloud hosted or On-Premise solution for registering serialized units. | Broom Street Software, Inc., a QAD partner for 3 years, received the Solution Partner of the Year award.
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